Fairford Primary School

Juniper & Cherry Classes

Welcome to Year 2

Our Year 2 Children are taught across 2 classes: Juniper (Year 2) and Cherry (Year 1/2 mixed class)

Our Teaching Staff

Juniper Class
Mr Mobey, Mrs Bell, Mrs Kritzinger, Mrs Stokes (Wed) and Miss Pergusey (Friday pm)

Cherry Class
Mrs Ewens, Mrs Stratford, Mr Francis (Mon, Tues) Mrs Crookes (Thurs, Fri) Mrs Lee and Miss Pergusey (Tuesday and Wednesday pm)


Juniper Class PE Lessons are taught on Tuesday and Wednesday by Mrs Peck.

Cherry Class PE Lessons are taught on a Monday and on Thursday by Mrs Peck.


Pupils who regularly read at home and school make considerably more progress in reading and this also has a significant impact on their writing skills and overall vocabulary. Please support the school by hearing your child read each night. Each child will have a Reading Record in which they should record their reading at home and at school, and this should be brought into school each day. These Records should be handed in on Fridays, so that we can ensure children are meeting the minimum expectation of reading at home at least 3 times a week and award Bookworms to those that have met, or exceeded, this requirement.

We will be changing books once a week on a Friday, and children will be given 1 or 2 new books a week.

Alongside daily reading, the children will have weekly spellings to practise too. Spellings being taught in class that week, will be stuck in homework books for children to practice and will be tested on Fridays. Additionally, the children will have access to Mathletics www.mathletics.com (an online maths learning platform), where they will have some tasks to complete to help consolidate their learning, and there will be some English tasks sent home too. Maths and English homework will alternate each week.

Growth Mindset

Throughout this year, we will be putting a lot of focus on developing a growth mindset. This principle focusses on the fact that our brain is a muscle and we have to build that muscle over time, just as we would any other muscle in our body. We often discuss how we may not be able to do something yet, but we can get better at things over time and with practice. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help to reinforce this message at home, particularly when supporting your child with their homework. This is something we are really passionate about instilling in the children as this positive outlook will help them to build their independent learning skills.

Children in Year 2 will need:

– A Water bottle
– Children do not need to bring in snacks as we have a fruit snack in school. However, if your child would like to bring their own piece of fruit for snack time then they are welcome to do so.
– A jumper, coat and any additional clothing such as sunhat, gloves etc appropriate for the weather conditions.
– A pair of wellies kept in school so we can maximise our opportunities for outdoor activities.
– A bag that is big enough to fit their books in. This could be a backpack or a book bag. A book bag is preferable to a large rucksack as storage space is limited.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email us at juniper23@fairford.gloucs.sch.uk or cherry23@fairford.gloucs.sch.uk